Soaring across the cutting edge of Information Technology, MusicLab effectively manages data from millions of users:

P2P - MusicLab operates a robust centralized file sharing network. Searches on our network are instantaneous, allowing users access to the entire MusicLab online universe at no delay. This ensures that downloads are faster and more reliable.

Acoustic Fingerprinting - MusicLab protects the rights of artists by employing a unique acoustic fingerprinting technology. This technology allows us to identify copyrighted content on the fly. We maintain a list of songs that should be filtered using our acoustic fingerprinting technology, and artists and music labels may contact us with a sample of their music for inclusion in the acoustic filter's database.

Messaging - MusicLab operates a broad instant messaging network allowing our users to communicate with each other, whether online or offline.

Community - Our full fledged community serves millions of pages each day. Our users can share photos, add friends, comment on each other and more.